Dr. Poul Thorsen is a Danish scientist that was a lead researcher in two studies conducted for the CDC that concluded that mercury used in vaccines do not cause Autism.  Thomsen is currently a wanted felon and waiting extradition to the United States from Denmark for stealing over $1 Million dollars from the study.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention funded research conducted by Thorsen and his colleagues at Aarhus University.  The CDC asked the researchers to conduct studies to determine whether thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative and adjutant used in vaccines, payed a role in causing Autism.

The results of the studies, that there was no link between vaccines containing mercury and autism, formed the foundation for the conclusions of several Institute of Medicine reports.

In a statement Aarhus University officials said Thorsen forged documents supposedly from the CDC to obtain the release of $1 million from the university.

Autism advocacy groups are demanding his studies be given a closer look. Those same groups have long claimed that the results of the studies were suspect.

CDC officials released a statement this afternoon saying, “CDC is aware of the allegations by Aarhus University against Poul Thorsen, a Danish doctor who participated in CDC funded research. For the past 10 years, CDC has had a cooperative agreement with the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation (DASTI) and Aarhus University in Denmark to conduct research studies on issues such as cerebral palsy, autism, alcohol use in pregnancy and Down syndrome. Dr. Thorsen was one of many co-authors on these research projects. All of these were subject to extensive peer review and we have no reason to suspect that there are any issues related to the integrity of the science. The allegations that are fiscal in nature against Dr. Thorsen are being looked into by appropriate authorities.”